Sherri Sebastian

perfumer & founder of sebastian signs

Creative and interested in how things work, Sherri Sebastian's curious nature led her on this fragrant journey.

Originally trained as a chemist, Sherri earned a degree in Food Science with a minor in Business Management from Pennsylvania State University. Her love of adventure led her to apprentice to a sixth-generation wine maker in Germany, where her studies of wine piqued her interest in aromatic composition.

Sherri's professional career began in a Brooklyn flavor house. As she created flavors, her fascination with the subtle nuances of flavor composition continued to evolve.

But her true passion was always fragrance.

Accepting a position at one of the premier fragrance houses of the world in Manhattan, Sherri spent years learning classic perfumery skills alongside a master perfumer. She developed her signatureaesthetic as she continued her lifelong study of fragrance ingredients, their subtleties, and thefascinating interplay between them.

Throughout her 20-year career as a professional perfumer in NYC and now Los Angeles, Sherri's developed fragrances for many brands including Coty, Laura Mercier, Fresh, Estee Lauder, and Kevin Murphy. In 2003, Sherri combined her passion for fragrance, design and composition by founding Sebastian Signs.